Sunday, January 1, 2017

Morning Rituals ~ How We Awaken

Morning Rituals... is about how we awaken - literally - and how, in the first three minutes of our day, we can powerfully shape our lives, consciousness and world.

Author and wellness expert Kimberly Call - Visionary Fortune 500 executive consultant, inspirational wellness coach and healing arts master - reveals the power of just three simple moments in the morning, based in ancient ritual, to clear, center and uplift - before coffee, CNN, phones and emails, texts and twitters.

With wise humor, engaging text, sensual photography - Morning Rituals ~ How We Awaken evokes the creative, common sense and poetic beauty possible in the simple, everyday "eco-beautiful wellness living" practices portrayed in Kimberly's book. 

Morning Rituals cuts through the clamor and presents what endures - elegant, effective and ancient advice for modern times.