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Morning Rituals ~ How We Awaken

Morning Rituals... is about how we awaken - literally - and how, in the first three minutes of our day, we can powerfully shape our lives, consciousness and world.

Author and wellness expert Kimberly Call - Visionary Fortune 500 executive consultant, inspirational wellness coach and healing arts master - reveals the power of just three simple moments in the morning, based in ancient ritual, to clear, center and uplift - before coffee, CNN, phones and emails, texts and twitters.

With wise humor, engaging text, sensual photography - Morning Rituals ~ How We Awaken evokes the creative, common sense and poetic beauty possible in the simple, everyday "eco-beautiful wellness living" practices portrayed in Kimberly's book. 

Morning Rituals cuts through the clamor and presents what endures - elegant, effective and ancient advice for modern times.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Best-Selling Author Endorsements for Morning Rituals

Praise for
Morning Rituals ~ How We Awaken

"Morning Rituals is a wealth of wellness living practices throughout the day, from rising with more refreshment, to serenity before sleep. For all who want to live with more joy and wellness, morning is the place to start - Morning Rituals is an inspired and wise guidebook to mornings, and Kimberly a masterful guide. I love this book!"
 John Gray, Best-Selling Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

“I love Morning Rituals - How We Awaken. Starting your day with these simple and powerful rituals will bring a big boost to your entire day. The wonderful collection of wellbeing practices in this book will surely help you live a happier life.”
 Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Best-Selling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

How we start the day, sets the tone for the day. Kimberly Call's Morning Rituals brings beautiful form to function, reminding us the Sacred is in every moment, and inviting us to begin our day with reverence for the gift of life.”
 Julia Butterfly Hill, International Environmental Activist; Author, Legacy of Luna

With extraordinary photos that move and inspire and a beautiful recipe for starting off each day, Kimberly Call’s Morning Rituals not only wakes us up each morning but wakes us up to life.”
 James Baraz, Co-Founder, Spirit Rock Meditation Center; Author, Awakening Joy

“Rituals join the sacred and secular experiences in our lives. Kimberly Call provides simple, clear and uplifting ways to begin and honor the precious gift that each day is.”
 Dr. Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Cultural Anthropologist; Author, The Second Half of Life

“Kimberly is a welcome and ardent new voice for wellness and the power of our daily acts to truly transform our world.”
 Lynne Twist, Global Activist; Author, The Soul of Money; Founder, Soul of Money Institute; Co-Founder, Panchamama Alliance

"Healthy lifestyle habits are key to healthy and vital living. Morning Rituals is a refreshing book and features a great, illustrated demonstration of commonsense, wellness exercise practices that can enrich your daily life. Beautifully photographed and put in simple terms, all can benefit from this inspiring handbook."
 Dr. Elson M. Haas, M.D., Integrative Medicine Physician; Founder, Preventative Medical Center of Marin; Author, Staying Healthy with Nutrition

"Kimberly exemplifies the radiant vitality of the practices she endorses. Her decades of skill shine in the clear, confident wisdom of this book. With this valuable collection of mindful practices for beautiful, green living, Kimberly leads us into the day with a myriad of ways to delight, awaken and uplift body, mind and spirit."
 Beth Greer, The Super Natural Mom; Best-Selling Author, Super Natural Home

"An antidote to a fast-paced life and daunting "To-Do" lists...Morning Rituals - How We Awaken is a gift of Kimberly's inspiring vision and wisdom to help create daily joy, awareness, calm and gratefulness, and raise our consciousness through three morning rituals. It is a worthwhile welcome to the day and more nourishing than breakfast on the run. The book is approachable, simple and the rituals resonate. I savored the lush, fresh photographs."
 Sharon Harts Wick, Former West Coast Editor, Vogue, Travel + Leisure, House & Garden

“I had the pleasure of experiencing Morning Rituals first hand at Kimberly's healing arts center in California. What touched me most was the simplicity and speed of the practice making it possible for anyone to adopt. Kimberly has succeeded in developing a dynamic, loving and creative touch to the start of the day. The book captures the magic of those morning moments with its poetically written style and its amazing photography that transmits a universal language of wellness, joy and beauty we all need in our lives.”
 Dr. Omnia Amin, Ph.D., Author & Poet; Professor of English Literature, Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Morning Rituals - How We Awaken invariably reconnects my inner light to the all permeating Light and I remember who I am. Kimberly is an astute healer who lives her practice and walks her talk. Doing the Morning Rituals myself starts each day with grace, serenity and peace - a beautiful and auspicious beginning to the day that follows.”
 Raz Ingrasci, President & CEO, The Hoffman Institute

“This visual masterpiece is the enchanting creation of master healer Kimberly Call who proposes that, upon awakening, we perform three simple rituals (requiring only three minutes to complete) which promise to have a profound impact in shifting the context within which we enter our world each day. They work. I, too, have discovered the profound personal benefits which these simple practices have elicited in my well-being and daily life.”
 Myron A. Wick III, CEO, Hola Television, Madrid, Spain

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tis the Season to E-Book Gift!

E-books are the perfect eco-gift - no shopping, parking, idling in traffic, gas & tolls, shipping & stress ~ just click and it's there on time...
I love this article to walk you thru it...

How to Gift an eBook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reports are in; Kindles, iPads, and Nooks are flying off the shelf! I was in a Barnes & Noble on Friday and the line at the Nook station almost went out the door. What does that mean? eReaders will be under millions of Christmas trees this year. But it’s a little more difficult to imagine gifting something as virtual as an eBook, right? Wrong!
Now you can easily gift an eBook with a few clicks of the mouse. Amazon and Kobo allow you to purchase specific eBooks as gifts. All you have to do is type in the email of the recipient, along with the date you’d like the eBook “delivered.” Or you can print out a gift receipt to put in a Christmas Card.
For iPad, Nook, and SonyReader, you can purchase gift cards. (Amazon and Kobo also have gift cards.)
Digital publisher Open Road Integrated Media made the above series of videos for anyone wanting to gift an eBook this season. The video can be a little bit glitchy, so give it a second to warm up. Also, click the “See More” button to select the appropriate video for the appropriate eReader.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Author Kimberly Call

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to read e-books on your computer:

You don't need an e-reader to read an e-book!

There are free Kindle apps to read e-books on all (newer) computers, Mac or pc, (and most phones and mobile devices too).

User requirements:
PC - Windows 7, Vista, or XP
Mac - Mac OSX 10.5 or higher

1. get an Amazon account or proceed to Amazon books if you already have one
2. do a search for: Morning Rituals - How We Awaken - enjoy free 20-page sample and 4,000 word book description
3. on right sidebar - you will see "download free Kindle apps" - to read book on your pc or Mac
4. select and download app for Mac or pc
5. it will ask you to "register your app" - use your same user id as your Amazon account (just username and password, that's all you need)
6. return to/re-search for my book title and click option to "buy"
7. purchase book, hurrah, you are almost there! :)
8. launch Kindle app on your desktop; save icon on your desktop
9. in app, click home, then library to click and read book, there you are!

Note: if you want to transfer your book from Kindle for Mac to your iPad:
1. start from iPad
2. install free kindle for iPad app from app store or Kindle
3. register your app with same user id as Amazon acct
4. press synch button to synch computer and iPad
5. launch Kindle app from iPad
6. click Kindle app "home", then "archive" (book is waiting there), tap title to download it, then back to "home" where it is available for viewing.

The difference between buying through iTunes/iBooks vs through Amazon/Kindle:

1. Books with color photography such as mine are great viewed on the high resolution screen of your Mac devices - iPad, iPhone, iPod - however:
2. iTunes/iBooks does NOT allow you to take your books to view them on your Mac computer/laptop
3. There may be new third party apps available to do so, apps are constantly changing - if you know of some, please let me know
4. The key difference between viewing your book on iPad through iTunes vs thru Kindle - is that iBooks offers the virtual touch "page turning" technology which lets you touch and "flip" page corners over as though they are real paper. If you like that as I do, I purchased my book thru iBooks to view on my iPad just for that feature.

I hope you find this useful, meanwhile, please let me know if you have any further questions or updates so I can make this guide as helpful as possible.
~ Kimberly